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Tekne Boğaz Turu | Istanbul Bosphorus Tours By Boat

Bosphorus is a place which has one of the most beautiful views in all around the world. It is a place which people who have not visited before, have listened from the memories of those who have visited and have seen from the brochures of the travel agencies. It is a must seen place where the oldest civilizations of the world have prevailed and where Asia and Europe meets.

A beauty which is ignored most of the times even by the people who live inside, who accept it as ordinary as they see everyday.  From the beginning to the end all parts of Bosphorus are spectacular and have extra beauty. A beauty which you can not find in another place with its fishermen, mansions that smell history, ferries and ships.

Bosphorus is a place which hosted tens of civilizations and cultures, where many wars have been made for and which has allways been a place to be desired when you have a look at its history. If you like to travel and if you want a special place amongst tens of your memories then here is the place you look for. It will be useful to keep the duration of your journey to Turkey a little bit longer. May be you have planned just 2-3 days for Istanbul but be sure that even just to enjoy from Bosphorus, that period will not be enough. Other than that there are tens of, even hundreds of places to be seen which wait for you.

The best way to enjoy from Bosphorus is taking boat tours local name is. To go into clean water of sloping Bosphorus by boat , approach a little more to the kiosks, mansions and internationally travelling ships, to salute the old fishermen who go to fishing for making their lives and to see Europe when you turn your head to one side and to see Asia when you turn your head to the other side….. Here are some of the things to describe Bosphorus.

One of the most frequent things which we face with is to hear the whispers of the tourists who come to Bosphorus and approach to it this much closer for the first time to say that they found it more than they were expecting. It is an important thing to travel somewhere. Because may be it is only once a year chance for most of us. Bosphorus is a place where you can evaluate it the best.

So, if you have caught that chance, approach towards it a little bit more an deven if you can manage to hire a boat, just tell the captain “let’s get a tour”. Prepare your camera and setle your back. Night time or day time, if you see Bosphorus once from closer, then whenever you hear someone saying Istanbul then the first thing you will be remembering is Bosphorus.

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